Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Bible Horse Whisperer?

I found this on Google News.

Horse whisperer Ted Nowland will be at the 89th annual Crawford County Fair to break a horse using principles found in the New Testament.

Nowland, from Beggs, Okla., will not see the animal before the demonstration begins. He usually starts by reading scripture, letting the horse come to him, and then watching for signs, such as an audible sigh and a cocked back leg, to know he’s on the right track.

I am really curious what New Testament principles he will use to break this horse. The article is tantalizingly lacking in details.

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  1. I have seen this done by another guy whose ministry is called The Sermon on the Mount (nice play on words). As he works with the untamed horse he quotes scripture (which is astounding because he has it all memorized) about sin, separation, God's pursuit of us, his desire to have a love relationship with us, and then the trust, love, and obedience that the horse and tamer finally acheive. He also says that there are some horses he just couldn't tame. It was amazing and I was moved to tears; the horse had been rearing and bucking and then finally lowered his head and allowed the man to saddle, climb up, and ride. The whole point was not to "break" the horse, but to "tame it with love." He said every horse is differnt so every sermon he preaches while taming offers different lessons. I hope the above guy has the same concept and ministry. Check out http://www.sermononthemount.org Is this Crawford County PA? If so, this Nowland might have been a student of Lew Sterrett.