Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Was Cain a Vampire?

Well, that is how the producers of a new movie see it. Will Smith will star as Cain, the infamous murder. Apparently it is not enough for Cain to have spilled Abel’s blood. Now he will be made to drink that blood too.

I admit I probably won’t see this film. Not because I think that it is wrong to rewrite a biblical story, but because I am just not into vampires. They make my blood run. J

But the idea of rewriting the Cain and Abel story is not new. In fact, it has been happening almost since the beginning. As the article points out, Jewish and Christian authors have been filling in the “gaps” and expanding the Cain and Abel story to try to make sense of it.

Why, for instance, does God reject Cain’s offering? The Septuagint says that it was because Cain did not cut it correctly.

How did the brothers know which offering was accepted? Some interpreters suggest that fire came down and consumed Abel’s offering but not Cain’s.

What was the mark of Cain? Some translators misunderstood the Hebrew with the result that instead of becoming a “fugitive and wanderer on the earth” Cain was “shaking and trembling” on the earth. In other words, Cain had a visible tremor that marked him out to anyone who may have encountered him.

I could go on about this topic and in fact I have in numerous publications.

The story attracted my attention because my new book on this subject should be out this fall. Maybe I should include my phone number here so the producers can consult with me. Are you reading this Mr. Harvey Weinstein? Have I mentioned how much I love Miramax Films?

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