Saturday, September 18, 2010

Do we really need a C.S. Lewis Bible?

I enjoy reading the works of C.S. Lewis. Actually, I more enjoy the Chronicles of Narnia. His other classics like "The Great Divorce" and Screw Tape Letters" are also worth a read.

But do we need a C.S. Lewis Bible???? Lewis was neither a theologian nor a biblical scholar, but he was a good thinker. Nonetheless, I doubt he would be very pleased to know that a publisher is pairing his "spiritual writings" with passages in the Bible to give fresh insights into Lewis's works, his own spiritual journey, and the scriptures themselves.

I smell money here.

Here ends my Saturday morning rant.


  1. Do we need 99% of the Bibles published today. I smell money all over. Do we need an apologetic study bible, a spiritual formation study Bible, a serendipity doo-dah Bible, an NIV, CEV, NASB, KJV, New NIV, newer NIV, NKJV, the message, the message reformed, the message remixed, the Living Bible, the New Living Translation? I could go on for probably an hour. Bibles have become like workouts. If you can't get in shape with weightlifting, running, cardio, aerobics, bicycling, hiking, jump rope, P90x, insanity, the 300 workout, diet pills, better diet pills, tummy tucking, liposuction, walking, jogging, treadmills, EFX machines, free weights, regular yoga, pool yoga, that thing that Chuck Norris endorses...then maybe you should try this!
    It seems to me that most Americans have more Bibles in their house than some countries have Bibles total! People by Bibles because they feel guilty for not reading the ones they do have, and publishing companies take advantage of Americans' materialistic addiction.

  2. "People by Bibles because they feel guilty for not reading the ones they do have"