Sunday, September 12, 2010

Stonybrook United Methodist Church Small Group Retreat 2010

I had a great two days with 20 lay leaders from Stonybrook UMC in Gahanna, Oho. Ryan Gear, the Associate Pastor asked me to come and talk to the group about studying the Bible.

We gathered at a Catholic retreat center in Maria Stein, Ohio for three two hour sessions. We touched on a number of topics as wide-ranging as the nature of scripture, textual criticism, translation, exegesis, the problems cultural relativity and resources for studying.

This was a serious, engaging group of people who are clearly dedicated to providing those they teach with good information and the skills to do Bible study on their own. I believe they will be doing great things with the people they lead.

Thanks to everyone for the invitation and the opportunity to share with you. I enjoyed meeting you all.

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  1. Dr. Byron, we enjoyed very much. Thank you for your knowledge and for the engaging and humble way in which you presented it!