Tuesday, October 12, 2010

2010 Fall Lecture Series at Ashland Theological Seminary, October 25-26

Please join us for this complimentary conference October 25-26, 2010, featuring:

  • Dr. Roberta Hestenes,Minister at Large, World Vision
  • Dr. Mimi Haddad, Executive Director, Christians for Biblical Equality
  • Dr. Paul Chilcote, Director, Center for Applied Wesleyan Studies, Professor of Historical Theology and Wesleyan Studies
  • Dr. Claudia Sadler-Gerhardt, Assistant Professor of Counseling

Smetzer Auditorium

Gerber Academic Building

910 Center St, Ashland OH 44805


Featured Speaker:

Dr. Roberta Hestenes, Minister at Large, World Vision

After my Christian conversion while in college, I was taught repeatedly that it was inappropriate and wrong for women to assume formal or highly visible leadership roles within the Christian community. The Bible forbade it and male leaders reinforced this with support from the women around them. Women should labor quietly and almost invisibly "behind the scenes," with a submissive spirit under male leadership. I even co-authored a discussion Bible study guide that asserted that public speaking and teaching gifts were restricted to men while women had other gifts such as the gift of "service" and "helps."Over a 50 year journey of Christian discipleship, I have had to work through, at theoretical, personal and practical levels, the issues related to women in leadership. Click here to READ MORE.


  1. I signed up for this as soon as I saw the flier, a few weeks ago. I am really looking forward to it, and I'm impressed that Ashland Seminary takes such a strong, supportive stance regarding women in ministry and vocational leadership.

  2. This will be a good conference. I'm proud that Ashland is a leader in supporting women's leadership. I'll be there.

  3. Who was it who said that the most surprising thing about women preachers is not that it is done so poorly, but that it is done at all?

    -Neil Parille