Saturday, November 27, 2010

Gordon Fee on being a New Testament Scholar and Pentecostal

One of the most respected and readable New Testament scholars of the twentieth century is Gordon Fee. His commentaries, work on textual criticism and contributions to Bible translations have left a mark on New Testament scholarship for years to come. One thing that makes Fee "unique" among NT scholars is that he is also a pentecostal. To modern students of the Bible this may not seem all that unusual. But at 76 years of age, Fee has been a pioneer within his tradition. Since the pentecostal movement matured during the era of the modernist/fundamentalist debates, there was often a suspicion of higher education, especially in the area of Bible and theology. This means that for someone like Fee, who was raised and remains a pentecostal, entering the field of biblical scholaship could be viewed by some with distaste.

Mathew Montonini has posted an interview with Fee from Charisma Magazine. It is a good read and provides a peek into the career and life of a prominent New Testament scholar.

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