Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Naked Archaeologist: Who wrote the Bible?

Biblical Archaeology Review has posted a 23 minute video from the Naked Archaeologist program. The host investigates the question: "who wrote the Bible?" The premise of this episode is that he wants to disprove the documentary hypothesis and prove that the Pentateuch was written by one person named Moses

They did not provide the embedding code so you will need to click on the link to BAR's page to watch it here.

My posting of this is by no means an endorsement of the program or its host. But it does bring a more popular spin on the sometimes (often) dry and complicated business of scholarship.

One interesting fact is that the last archaeologist he interviews is Dr Gabriel Barkay. Dr Barkay was my archaeology teacher in Israel and has been a guest speaker in Ashland twice.

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  1. I noticed that he is not only trying to make a cases for a Moses authorship, but also for a dictation view of inspiration. Is this a common view of inspiration among Orthodox Jews?

    I don't believe most Evangelical Christians view inspiration this way.