Monday, November 1, 2010

The New NIV is Available!

Below is a video by Douglas Moo, the translation committee chairman. You can see it here. You can also read the translators notes. You can also search it on Bible Gateway.

I will take a look at some passages in the near future and let you know what I think.


  1. John,

    Do you know if/to what extent they have made use of the Qumran materials in their updates? Peter Flint made a wonderful presentation on the possible impact of the Qumran texts on modern biblical translations at the Oxford Psalms Conference in September. Have you heard anything?

  2. I love the TNIV (which they are doing away with). I hope the incorporated some of it into the new NIV.

  3. what does "int'ruce" mean, is that one of those infernal "american english" words? ;-)

  4. Jonathon,

    That is funny, I had not noticed that. I am not sure where Moo is from, but it sounds like some Midwest slur.