Friday, December 10, 2010

Need Jesus? There's an app for that!

The Lord and Savior Jesus Christ can now be found on your IPhone, bringing the Christian community together to reinforce Jesus' philosophy in a hip, sleek production that fits right in your pocket. And you can download it from Itunes all for $9.99.

I thought this was a joke but it is not. Maybe everyone else has heard about this, but it is new to me. Apparently DV8 Media has created the Life of Jesus IPhone App. They claim to use cutting-edge technology to reproduce a classic text to reach a new generation with biggest celebrity in history and the greatest story ever told. The app include such functions as the ability to read/search the Bible, to say/send a prayer, and watch 18 scenes from the Life of Jesus. It even has a Christian GPS that you can use to show every Christian IPhone app on the planet. Oh, and of course the ability to purchase Christian songs and ring tones.

Here is what the article has to say.

Revolutionary new media company DV8 Media has released "The Life Of Jesus", an epic, comprehensive mobile phone application dedicated to the life of the Christian savior. Containing cutting edge original video and audio productions, engaging interactive games, Christian-themed communication tools, and the full text of the New Testament, searchable and book-markable, The Life Of Jesus is designed to bring a new generation of Christians and the Christian community together to reinforce Jesus' philosophy in a hip, sleek and technologically advanced production.

DV8 will enable always-on access to the tech-savvy spiritually minded.

I also found this video on youtube.

Wow, am I ever thankful I don't have an IPhone. They only thing I can figure about this is someone is betting on making a lot of money. I wish I could do a giveaway with this.

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  1. My daughter has the free version on her iphone. She's glued to that thing all day so it makes me happy to see that there is something more spiritually engaging for kids than the Smurf Adventure game. And it's about Jesus! Jesus - iPhone - free... What could be wrong with that?