Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Who wrote the Dead Sea Scroll? Loren Stuckenbruck on the Essene hypothesis.

I ran across a page on YouTube set up by St. John's College Nottingham. the page is called Theology and Timeline Videos and features a number of short videos on a variety of topics. Richard Bauckham, Graham Stanton, Tom Wright, Larry Hurtado and others give short overviews on a number of topics related to theology and biblical studies. I have already used some of them for my online classes since it gives my students a chance to hear from other scholars.

The video on the Dead Sea Scrolls provides an overview of how the scrolls were discovered and what scholars have learned. One topic that has been argued over the years is who wrote the scrolls. Initially it was supposed that they were written by the Essenes, a Jewish separatist sect. Others, like Norman Golb, have suggested that there is no evidence for the Essene hypothesis.

Loren Stuckenbruck, my Doctor Father from Durham, provides some reasons for why the Essene hypothesis is the best guess for who wrote the scrolls.

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