Thursday, March 17, 2011

My New Book on Cain and Abel is out!

Please forgive me while I celebrate the release of my new book.

Here is the description:

The story of Cain and Abel narrates the primeval events associated with the beginnings of the world and humanity. But the presence of linguistic and grammatical ambiguities coupled with narrative gaps provided translators and interpreters with a number of points of departure for expanding the story. The result is a number of well established and interpretive traditions shared between Jewish and Christian literature. This book focuses on how the interpretive traditions derived from Genesis 4 exerted significant influence on Jewish and Christian authors who knew rewritten versions of the story. The goal is to help readers appreciate these traditions within the broader interpretive context rather than within the narrow confines of the canon.

The best part is that you can own a copy of this marvelous work for the princely sum of only $146! Please buy multiple copies and help me make it a best seller. J


  1. Congrats! I'd like to take part of the credit, if you don't mind, as I'm confident our pub visits contributed much inspiration and valuable insights to your work at the time...

  2. David,

    Well yes, you do get some credit since you gave me some direction on sources for Irenaeus

  3. Congratulations in this accomplishment! I look forward to having a look at this book!

  4. congrats! must be a nice feeling. :-)