Monday, March 14, 2011

The Sisters of Jesus: Mary, Anna, Salome?

Mark Goodacre has posted episode 50 of the NT Pod.

In this segment Goodacre looks at the question of who were Jesus' sisters. Although people are aware of the names of Jesus' brothers, few give thought to mention of Jesus' sisters (Mark 6:3). Are they Mary and Salome or Anna and Salome? Listen to to the NT Pod what Goodacre has to say about this question.

Also, at the NT Blog you can read Goodacre's take on Richard Bauckham's claim that there is a 50% chance that the names of Jesus' sisters were Mary and Salome.


  1. Yeshua's sisters were Lydia and Salome--Salome was Yosef's oldest daughter--Yacob was Yosef's oldest son. Yacob became the first bishop of yerusalem.

  2. Yosef's oldest son was Yacob (James the shorter)--Yacob's son was Mordechai (Mark) who followed Shimon (Peter) and Mark wrote Book of Mark--Myriam d. Magdala was a former lepper from Magdala--

    contact Brother Yonathan through monastery--

  3. Jesus had four brothers: James, Simon, Judas and Joseph. He had two sisters: Assia and Lydia.

    1. where is your scripture reference to support your finding please?

  4. Don't put it on the internet if you are not sure

  5. Who is the artist that painted the picture?

  6. QAccording to the bible reference "his brothers and ALL HIS SISTERS are here with us indicates three sisters, not two. Many Bible experts agree that there were three, so what have you done with the missing one?

  7. The bible doesn't say what the sisters names are-nor the number, but is does specify that he had at least two sisters. Some traditions say their name's are Mary and Salome. The Catholic tradition is that they were not daughters of Mary.