Thursday, April 14, 2011

Are the Passion Narratives Prophecy Historicized?

Mark Goodacre has been very busy lately producing episodes for his NT Pod.

This week, in time for Easter, Goodacre looks at the Passion narratives and the Old Testament scriptures that are quoted in those narratives. He asks an important historical question. Did the authors of the gospels take statements found in the Psalms and the Prophets, and then historicize them? That is, did they include these as details in the narrative and build around them? Did the authors lack detailed information about Jesus' crucifixion and, to fill out the story, go to the Old Testament and include bits of prophecy to make it seem as if these things happened?

Goodacre examines the theories of John Dominick Crossan and explains why he disagrees with Crossan. Instead he argues for something called "scripture realization." Goodacre does a good job of explaining what the gospel authors were doing with scripture when they wrote about the death of Jesus.

Listen to it here.

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