Saturday, April 2, 2011

A new blog for the contemplative

I have a number of blogs I look at everyday. And often that is all I do is look, not read. But there are a few that have the kind of content that always get my attention and keep me coming back for more.

A new blog which looks like it will have me coming back for more is Chesha in Motion, written by Jessica. I met Jessica and her husband Jason while digging at Tel-Gezer in 2009. They are a delightful couple who are clearly very in love. Jessica and I had several opportunities to work and talk together (she was also the camp nurse and had to bandage me once or twice). We discovered that we had a lot of the same kind of thoughts. The ones that make you ask why, and sometimes get you in trouble with those who are afraid of questions.

Well, now she is stepping out and putting those thoughts out there. So why not stop by and see what she has to say. Her first post is a thought provoking one on Divine Child Abuse. That should get you thinking!

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