Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ancient Galilee Boat

One of the artifacts I most enjoy visiting each time I am in Israel is the Galilee Boat. Some people call it the Jesus boat, but since there is no evidence that Jesus was ever on it or even set on eyes on it, I prefer to call it the Galilee boat.

The boat is 2000 years old and was discovered by two brothers in 1986. It was during a time drought and the two discovered it in the mud left behind by the receding waters. It is a significant find since it is rare that such maritime artifacts are recovered. And even if Jesus never did sail on it we can still use it to help us better understand the world of Jesus and his disciples. Yet another reason for you to visit the holy land.

Below is a pair of videos that relate the story of the boat. I think you will enjoy them.


  1. Wow!! What an interesting story. I like the videos. It is really a wonderful story.Thank you so much for sharing such an interesting story with us.

  2. I remember good ol' Dr. Walther showing us this in Archaeology a couple years ago. It helped give us a bit of perspective when discussing Jesus sailing on Galilee. Especially, when one considers the storm stories. I don't think I would have wanted to be out in one of these in a storm...even if I had dramamine.

  3. I love how they were able to remove the boat from the mud with that foam stuff. People are smart sometimes