Friday, July 8, 2011

How Does the Church Relate to Israel?

I recently heard from a former student about a pastor who said that Jesus was not a Jew. I am not sure how this individual arrived at this conclusion, but he was one of those who believed that the church 'replaced' Israel. I suggested to my student that he direct this pastor to Romans 11:18 where it says "the root supports the branch" and not the other way around. In this verse, and the surrounding context, Paul argues that God has not abandon Israel and that Gentiles should not be arrogant that they were grafted in. Historically, however, the church has overlooked this verse and followed the path of replacement theology.

By coincidence Michael Bird has started a series on the Church and Israel. Knowing what I do about Michael's work I think it will be a good series. Below are the links to the first two parts of the series.

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  1. That was really helpful. I'd be curious to hear your thoughts about people on the other side of the spectrum who believe that the new Israel is literally the land/nation of Israel that exists today and that Christians should be supportive of all their political and military conquests.