Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Book Giveaway!

Here is this week's giveaway. Andrew Das, Solving the Romans Debate.(Fortress, 2006).

Here is the blurb.

Scholars have long debated the "double character" of Romans. Why did Paul address a long discussion of Jewish themes to a Gentile audience? Das provides a fresh understanding of the identity and attitudes of the Gentile Christians in Rome and of the expulsion of Jews from Rome under the emperor Claudius. His reading offers new insight into Paul's concern for the Jewish roots of the Christ movement.

Put your name below and I will choose a winner on Sunday. Good luck!


  1. Count me in.

    Rob Schlatter

  2. Noah Schumacher...11th times a charm!!

  3. Thank you!
    Charlotte Yamada

  4. I love your writings that are refreshing for me both personally and pastorally. As well, I love Romans and hope that I am not too late putting in my name. Thanks for everything!