Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Book Giveaway!

And the books keep on coming!

This week I am offering Christian Origins: A People's History of Christianity edited by Richard A. Horsely (Fortress, 2010). Here is the blurb.

Dealing with a time when "Christians" were moving towards separation from the movement's Jewish origins, this inaugural volume of A People's History of Christianity tells "the people's story" by gathering together evidence from the New Testament texts, archaeology, and other contemporary sources. Of particular interest to the distinguished group of scholar-contributors are the often overlooked aspects of the earliest "Christian" consciousness: How, for example, did they manage to negotiate allegiances to two social groups? How did they deal with crucial issues of wealth and poverty? What about the participation of slaves and women in these communities? How did living in the shadow of the Roman Empire color their religious experience and economic values?

So put your name below and I will select a winner on Sunday.

There will be a few week hiatus for the giveaways. But don't worry, we are not out of books yet.


  1. noah schumacher... cmon now

  2. Always making good choices, thanks for sharing!

    Adam Parker

  3. David Nystrom

  4. Matthew Williams

  5. Jerry L would like in on the drawing.

  6. Rob Henderson loves to read your blog and any good books that comes his way. thanks a bunch.