Saturday, August 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Bultmann!

Today is Rudlof Bultmann's birthday. Love or hate him, agree or disagree, you can't help but agree that he left a huge imprint on the study of the Bible and theology in the 20th century.

Some treat Bultmann like a theological leper. Too often, however, this is done by those who either don't understand him or have never read his books. He is just simply written-off.

I remember being in that camp once. I had read little to nothing of his work, but I was aware of his reputation. The first thing I remember reading is his article explaining why presuppositionalist hermenutics is impossible. After that I read one of his sermons. He wrote and delivered the sermon after visiting the wounded in an army hospital during WW I. That sermon helped me to see Bultmann in a very different light. He was not a theological home-wrecker, he was someone trying to understand the Bible in a modern setting. Consequently, I learned to appreciate him for who he was during the time in which he lived.

Below is a short video in which Professor David Fergusson of Edinburgh University talks about Bultmann and his theology. Watch it and learn about this fascinating man. HT: James McGrath.

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  1. Thanks for the clip John. Wonderful stuff. I still amamazed how influential Heidegger was on C20 theology.