Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Want a Personal Jesus? There's an App for that.

Ah, as if we have not already done enough to domesticate and cheapen the significance of Jesus, now you can have your own personal Jesus on your Iphone. The animated Jesus recites more than 200 Bible quotes, can be placed in five different environments, and can appear as one of four different races. Forget Buddy Jesus, this it the ultimate in designer Jesus! Here is what the website personal Jesus.com has to say.

This new app will take you back to the values and wisdom that founded our world by giving you a speaking animated Jesus who delivers more than 200 quotes from the Bible directly into your iPhone or iPad. And because you will find it too precious to keep, you can share it with your friends through social networks. You can have it on alarm setting, as a reminder to start your day with a beautiful thought, or you can shake it for 'random mode', which will surprise you with different quotes. But the main innovation of Personal Jesus lies within its unique global approach that welcomes all by offering the Gospel of Christ in four different Jesus races: white, black, Asian and Celtic.

Here is a video advert too.

As usual, I will not say more. You can decide as to the good or bad of this new App.

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  1. And the Church wonders why it's not taken seriously in the culture.