Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Book Giveaway!

Ok blog fans, this week's giveaway is for the Old Testament folks, and anyone else who wants a chance to win. The week I am offering Walter Brueggemann's Theology of the Old Testament (Fortress Press, 2005).

Here is the blurb.

This paperback edition of Walter Brueggemann's classic work makes this important volume available at a lower price and accompanied by a CD-ROM that enhances its usefulness in numerous ways. Using the Libronix software, with helpful features for the user (searching, bookmarking, highlighting, auto-footnoting, note taking), the CD-ROM also includes chapter summaries, discussion questions, and web links to Brueggemann resources (articles, interviews, reviews).

Hmm, I am not sure that I have CD, but if I do you can have it too. So put your name below and I will draw a winner on Sunday. Remember to check back! If the winner does not claim their prize in five days it goes back on the shelf.


  1. Jonathan Kung. Again, haha.

  2. Thank you!
    Charlotte Yamada

  3. Ooo, that would be so cool!
    Annie Abbott Foerster

  4. Ryan Robinson, if this offer is available in Canada that is.

  5. Yes! Put me down for this one. Tina Hunt

  6. This looks wonderful!
    Beth Hoffman

  7. Carl Sweatman, although I'd like to win this for my brother

  8. Count me in.

    Rob Schlatter