Thursday, December 22, 2011

Jesus Have I Loved, but Paul?

One of the difficulties facing readers of the New Testament is how to reconcile the teachings of Jesus with the theology/letters of Paul. Anyone who has done serious study of the New Testament will recognize that Paul can seem to be quite and enigma. It is not always clear that his theology lines up with what was taught by Jesus. No wonder some New Testament scholars have labeled Paul as the "founder of Christianity," meaning that what Paul founded is different than what Jesus had in mind.

It is this perceived conflict between Jesus and Paul that has led J.R. Daniel Kirk to write Jesus Have I Loved, but Paul? (Baker Academic, 2012).  Here is a description of the book.

Readers of the Bible are often drawn to Jesus's message and ministry, but they are not as positively inclined toward Paul. What should people who love Jesus do with Paul? Here Pauline scholar J. R. Daniel Kirk offers a fresh and timely engagement of the debated relationship between Paul's writings and the portrait of Jesus contained in the Gospels. He integrates the messages of Jesus and Paul both with one another and with the Old Testament, demonstrating the continuity that exists between these two foundational figures. After laying out the narrative contours of the Christian life, Kirk provides fresh perspective on challenging issues facing today's world, from environmental concerns to social justice to homosexuality.

The book will be released in January. I am grateful to Baker Academic for providing me with an advance copy. Over the course of two weeks (January 9th to January 20th) Baker will sponsoring another blog tour similar to the one I participated in for Bruce Fisk's A Hitchhiker's Guide to Jesus (Baker Academic, 2011). Each day over the two weeks different bloggers will be reviewing and interacting with the content of Kirk's book. I will be reviewing chapter 7 Liberty and Justice for All? on January 17th. I also plan to give away a copy of the book. In the mean time, you can visit the blog tour hub and view the short videos below to hear Kirk lay out a bit of what he tries to communicate in the book.

What's the Problem with Paul?

Deconstructing Paul

Christianity as Community

In the Classroom and Beyond

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