Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Blog for Women

One of the unwritten codes of blogging is that you help new bloggers get started. James McGrath did that for me when I first started and it gave me a considerable leap in the stats. Since then I have tried to do the same for others.

A new blog, at least to me, is Morven's Blog: A Safe Place to Talk About the Hard Stuff. Morven is a woman's counselor here in Ashland and is married to my Old Testament colleague David Baker. But as I think you will see from her blog, she cannot be simply identified as "David Baker's wife." Morven Baker has a significant ministry to the hurting women in our area and she is helping these woman to talk about the hard stuff.

If you are a pastor, counselor or someone who is hurting, you may find Morven's blog a source of information and hope. So why not stop by and leave her a comment welcoming her to the world of blogging.

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  1. Thanks for passing this on - I just finished reading everything in Morven's blog and am duly impressed and excited about it.