Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Book Giveaway: Two for One Deal

This week I am not giving away just one, but two books. I have the two volumes of Sergovia and Tolbert Reading from this Place (Fortress, 1995). Volume one is Social Location and Biblical Interpretation in the United States. Volume two is Social Location and Biblical Interpretation in Global Perspective. Here are the blurbs.
How does one's life situation shape one's reading of the Bible? In this landmark volume, Segovia, Tolbert, and their 15 other contributors measure the impact of social location on the theory and practice of biblical interpretation. Reading From This Place helps readers come to terms with the interpretive revolution sweeping through biblical studies. 
Biblical studies are proving to be a test case of the large interpretive issues of how one's "location"--social, cultural, ethnic and gender--affects one's reading of the text and its import. Segovia and Tolbert gather 19 leading biblical interpreters from around the globe to address the complex hermeneutical and religious questions attendant to this paradigm shift. 

I am giving both volumes to one lucky winner. So put your name below and I will draw a winner on Sunday.


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