Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Gladiator Meets Noah's Ark?

Apparently Rusell Crowe's star is beginning to fade a bit. Or he has decided to follow fellow Aussie Mel Gibson by stepping into the biblical film genre. Reports indicate that the star of Gladiator, A beautiful Mind and Robin Hood has been tapped to play Noah in a film that begins shooting this July.
A formal announcement should come this next week. The once hoped-for spring start is now July, sources say. Russell Crowe is set to float the boat as Noah in Darren Aronofsky’s edgy Biblical re-telling of Noah’s Ark.  

Hmm, I am not sure what to make of this. I wonder what the combination of "edgy" and "re-telling will yield? I guess it is a good thing Crowe has already played a ship captain in another movie.

It seems that Hollywood has begun to have an interest in the Bible again. Reports in January indicate that Steven Spielberg is getting ready to film a "gritty version" of Moses. Spielberg's Moses will be a warrior to beat all warriors. Think Braveheart in Egypt. No kidding, that is what the article says. 

Earlier there were reports that Will Smith was considering playing Cain, the infamous fratricide from Genesis 4. But here too, it is a movie with a twist. Somehow he Cain was going to be a vampire. I guess it is not enough for Cain to spill Abel's blood, he must consume it too. 

Sigh. While on the one hand I can appreciate the Hollywood has always made adjustments to the biblical stories to fill them out and make them more interesting for the screen, I really do wonder where this will all go. I am reminded of an early made for TV version of Noah's Ark made by Hallmark.. In that film Noah lived in Sodom with his nephew Lot. When the flood hit Lot also was able to build a boat and became a pirate that eventually attacked Noah and his family. I am not kidding.  Check out the clip below in which the city of Sodom is destroyed. I don't remember that in the story of Noah.

Perhaps now you see why I wonder when these other films are described as "gritty" and "edgy." Anyone want to bet Russell Crowe is going to be chased by zombies in this version?


  1. I predict a reptilian revolt (Snakes on a Boat), put down only when the birds, showing confusion over their evolutionary history, come in on the side of the mammals. Of course, both unicorns will sacrifice themselves in the struggle.

  2. There have always been bad renditions of movies based on biblical themes. For example, Solomon and Sheba, starring Yul Brynner and Gina Lollobrigida, has no connection with the biblical accounts, other than similarity in the names of the characters. Sodom and Gomorrah, with Stewart Granger as the lead, also takes many liberties with the biblical accounts. It looks like we will be able to add a couple more to the list.