Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Jesus says "Clean Your Shower!"

Look closely at the picture. Do you see Jesus? Do you see his head, hair and cloak? Yes? No?

What you are looking at is a mold pattern in a shower that belongs to a Texas family who is claiming that it is the face of Jesus and that since it appeared several members of the home have been helped, although they don't detail how.

You can read the brief and uninformative article here. There is also a brief video clip in which a young lady points out the image for the camera and suggests that "maybe it means something. Maybe look into yourself and see if you need to change something in your life."

Hmm, I wonder if Jesus is saying "clean your shower more often" and he made a special appearance to bring that message.

No word yet on whether or not the shower will be turned into a shrine or if any movie rights have been negotiated.


  1. Ironic... the symbol on the ring she is wearing. A brief look at the history of that brings another dimension of irony to this story. Even the simplest connection with Gerald Holtom and Bertrand Russell, and their corollary thoughts behind the symbol... perhaps Holtom not so much, but Russell? To see that symbol on the finger, pointing at a Jesus, made of mold???

    But wait a minute! I have a hope that Matthew 9:36 has application here. The needs of her current perspective and situation may be quite different and difficult, compared to what one might project upon her from this story.

    The observation that we, as fallen desperate creatures, will see and cling to meaning and hope in some of the most inappropriate symbols and contexts, does not mean that God is unwilling to meet someone there, to lift them out, and urge a scrubbing of the wall, and a change of preference in jewelry symbols. Is this woman's heart a heart of mocking? Is she a devotee of Bertrand Russell and the anti-christ New World Order? Does she even know who BR was? Is she a descendant of a tank commander from Hitler's 3rd Panzer Division?! I don't know. But if none of the above, if she is gleefully ignorant of all that history behind and connected to that symbol, what then is our best response? Should we be thanking God that we are not as *her*?

    I put up a tree and decorate it to celebrate Christ's birth around Dec 25th. I do not invoke spirits in the tree. I do not know when Jesus was born, on precisely what day, but His incarnation birth into this world is what I celebrate with a decorated evergreen on Dec 25th. Perhaps I too am a fool, in my own way, and perhaps I have a different sort of smile at reading Luke 10:21 than others might have, but my shower is clean. Got to run, the toast just came up...

    1. I like the fact that in this economy with so many people out of work there are still those who have an internet connection and too much time on their hands.

    2. Dear Anonymous,

      I trust you recognize the irony in your comment.

    3. To punctuate the first anonymous - Toast is up!