Friday, June 15, 2012

John the Baptist's Bones Discovered!

John the Baptist?
Earlier this week I posted about the ongoing controversy surrounding the so-called James ossuary that Hershel Shanks and Biblical Archaeology Review declared "authentic"! Whew, I was worried for a moment.

This morning I was greeted with a message from a friend with a link to an MSNBC article declaring that the bones of John the Baptist "may" have been found. Apparently a stone sarcophagus in a Romanian church was discovered to have six human bone fragments and three animal bone fragments. As you can see the evidence is already tantalizing and suggests that they could be that of John the Baptist, or they are the first real proof that John the Baptist was a centaur.

But the real "nail in the coffin," so to speak was this:

The next day, the researchers found a second box just 20 inches away. This one was made of volcanic rock called tuff. On it, an inscription read, "Dear Lord, please help your servant Thomas" along with St. John the Baptist's name and official church feast day.

Really riveting stuff! After all, January 24th is the feast of John the Baptist and with that date and a handful of bone fragments what else would you conclude? I mean just because we don't know when he was born, where he was buried and the feast date was created by the church is no reason to doubt this find. And of course the evidence keeps piling up now that everything has been subjected to thorough, scientific examination.

The human bones in the box included a knucklebone, a tooth, part of a cranium, a rib and an ulna, or arm bone. The researchers could only date the knucklebone, because radiocarbon dating relies on organic material, and only that bone had enough collagen for a good analysis. The researchers were able to reconstruct DNA sequences from three of the bones, however, showing them to be from the same person, likely a Middle Eastern man.

The article doesn't mention if they found his head nearby. Oh, well. If is wasn't for stories like this I would not have fodder for this blog.

Happy Friday!


  1. They can't be J the B's bones, JB. They are buried next to the holy grail which were put in a secret place by the Knights Templar. They cannot be seen without the special glasses hidden in the cupola of Independence Hall in Philadelphia. It's all written in Ben Franklin's journal in code which can only be deciphered by reading the Declaration of Independence backward omitting every third word.

  2. I would have thought that John the Baptist's skeleton would have been missing the cranium...

  3. I never knew that John the Baptist was a Centaur. Do you think he baptized people by just stepping on them? Also, does this mean that Herod liked to go to the side shows as well?

  4. John, the feast day of John the Baptist is June 24, not January 24.

    Tony Costa

  5. Do you have a comment about the scientific or archaeological methodology, or are you just chortling like a puzzled schoolboy?

  6. Do you have a comment about the scientific or archaeological methodology, or are you just chortling like a puzzled schoolboy?