Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Fakes, Forgeries and Frauds: Updates on the Gospel of Jesus' Wife and the Lead Codices

The furor over the Gospel of Jesus' Wife fragment seems to have died down, for now at least The media has moved on to other stories and Karen King, along with the rest of the scholarly community, is still waiting for the ink tests to help determine the fragments authenticity. At this point, no one is sure when the tests will be complete. In the mean time, Harvard Theological Review is standing by its decision not to publish King's article on the fragment until its authenticity can be verified. See article here.

While I, along with others, have doubts that the fragment will be found to be authentic, I don't think Karen King was or is attempting to pull the wool over anyone's eyes. I do think she jumped the gun by filming a television documentary for Smithsonian, but I don't think she has tried to be duplicitous in any way. At the very most she may be the victim of a well executed forgery.

The same can't be said for David Elkington and the Lead Codices that he has been promoting as "some of the most important documents of early Christianity."

Historians, experts in epigraphy, biblical scholars and those of us who blog on these topics have been questioning not only the authenticity of the Lead Codices, but also David Elkington. Now, is a recently released investigation by the BBC program Inside Out West, it seems that the evidence is stacked against the codices and Elkington. It is a 13 minute clip and very informative.

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