Thursday, January 17, 2013

Allan Bevere on Faith and Living with Ambiguity.

There are many times during the year when students will question the relationship between my faith and scholarship. They want to know, for instance, how I navigate between history and faith. One thing I often tell them is that they should become accustomed to living with tension.

My colleague here at Ashland Seminary, Allan Bevere understands what I mean. In his blog post today he comments on what it means to be a Christian and to live with ambiguity. Here is a bit of what he says.

When I was younger, I needed lots of certainty about things in life. All questions required answers. But as I have grown older, I am not as certain about some things as I used to be. I see life as more complex now than it was twenty years ago. People are more complicated than it seemed when I was younger. Some answers that appeared to suffice for questions I had years ago are no longer adequate; and now, for many of those questions, I am okay with the mystery. And some questions I had when I was younger no longer matter. The questions I have now seem larger, more significant, and therefore more difficult to answer.

Read the rest of Allan's post here and let him know you stopped by.

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