Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Passing of Paul Achtemeier (1927-2013)

I just learned from Michael Bird the Paul Achtemeier has passed away. He and his wife Elizabeth, who died in 2002, left quite a mark on the field of biblical studies. The Society of Biblical Literature has posted an obituary

Dr. Achtemeier was an internationally recognized scholar, having published eighteen books and over sixty scholarly journal articles. In addition, he was editor of a number of book series, most
notably the New Testament Editor for the series Interpretation: A Bible Commentary for Teaching and Preaching; he was General Editor of the Harper’s Bible Dictionary (the l985 prizewinning
edition) and the later revised edition (l996), in conjunction with the Society of Biblical Literature. Additionally, Dr. Achtemeier lectured and preached throughout North America and abroad at educational institutions, churches, scriptural institutes, and a wide variety of
conferences for scholars, clergy, and lay people, Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant. 

Dr. Achtemeier was a beloved professor for generations of students and a loyal colleague and
friend to other professors at institutions where he taught. He was generous in sharing with the
needy and greeted with joy and openness all who crossed his path.

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