Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Herod the Great in the news

The Israel Museum recently opened an exhibition dedicated to the life and building activity of Herod the Great. The exhibit is the last piece of the career of Ehud Netzer who spent his life excavating the places Herod built and looking for the place where Herod was buried.

For quite a while no one was sure where Herod was buried. Josephus records that he was buried at his Judean palace known as the Herodium, but no one was able to locate it. It took Netzer 35 years to finally locate and identify the tomb, but in May 2007 he announced that he had finally found it. Ironically, the location of Herod's tomb was the very place where Netzer would meet his own fate. In 2010 while helping the Israel Museum to decide what pieces should be taken for the display, Netzer plunged 20 feet into the ancient viewing area of Herod's tomb when a wooden railing he was leaning against gave way. Netzer died of his injuries three days later.

In celebration of the exhibition's opening, several articles are available online.

Biblical Archaeology Review has an article on Herod's burial and Netzer's search for the tomb.

The New York Times also has a short piece.

And the BBC reports on the politics involved with Israel's removing artifacts from Palestinian territory.

Artuz Sheva has recently posted a video of the exhibition.

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