Friday, February 15, 2013

Keener on the meaning of Pentecost

I realize that we have only just begun the season of Lent and that we still need to get through Easter before we even think about Pentecost. But I noticed that Craig Keener has a short video on the meaning of Pentecost.

Keener, you may remember, is the same biblical scholar who wrote a 1088 page commentary on the book of Acts and only covered the first two chapters! Drawing on his work in the commentary and, I assume, his other work on the Credibility of Miracles in the New Testament, Keener explains the historical and theological aspects of the day of Pentecost.

This is video is part of Asbury Seminary's Seven Minute Seminary series. And true to form, Keener takes up more than eleven minutes of that seven minutes. ;)

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