Monday, November 4, 2013

Badass Birds of the Bible

I must admit that this is probably the first time I have used the above descriptor in any of my blogs. But after reading Debbie Blue's article over at the CNN Blog I must admit that there is no better way to describe the birds of the Bible. Birds are at the beginning and the end of the (Christian) Bible, but their roles vary from place to place.

(CNN) – As long as humans have been breathing, they've invested birds with meaning. 
They fly all over the Bible - from beginning to end - and they have a prominent place in the founding narratives of almost every culture and religion. They are not just bones and feathers. They are strength or hope, omen and oracle.
In the Bible's first book, Genesis, God hovers over the face of the water like a dove, the Jewish sages suggest in the Talmud. In its final book, birds gorge on the flesh of the defeated "beast" in Book of Revelation.
Birds are the currency of mercy, sacrificed to God in the hopes of winning blessings or forgiveness. They bring bread to the prophets. Abraham has to shoo them away from his offering, and a pigeon accompanies Jesus on his first visit to the temple.
Jesus told us to "consider the birds." I love this about him, and I've taken his advice to heart.
In doing so, I've found paying attention to these wild, awesome animals reveals hidden layers of meaning in the Bible and new lessons for modern Christians looking for grace in unexpected places.
Here are a few of the surprising things I've learned about Bible birds.
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