Monday, November 18, 2013

Noah the Movie (Official Trailer)

I reported in a previous post that a new movie about the story of Noah's Ark was in the works. The film starring Russell Crowe and Emma Watson seems to promise a technological feast for the eyes and ears as Hollywood tries to do a better job of destroying the world than God.

Below is a short teaser trailer. I do note that Russell Crowe seems to have a spear chucking scene in which I assume he is reprising his Gladiator role via the book of Genesis. No word yet on whether Emma Watson will concoct a batch of polyjuice to disguise herself as a helpless animal needing space on the ark.

On another, note there is a second video below which comes from Jon Voight's Noah's Ark movie produced by Hallmark 1999. Some have aptly described it as the "Plan 9 of biblical movies." Those you who know Ed Wood will know what I mean.