Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Introducing the Forever Bible: Because everyone needs a Bible that floats!

There's an old saying among church ladies that goes something like this "A Bible that is falling apart belongs to someone who is not." The saying, apparently a quote from Charles Spurgeon, is used as a way to suggest that if one reads the Bible your life will be perfect. But I suspect there are many daily Bible readers who might testify to the opposite.

Nonetheless, a "falling apart Bible" is a problem. I once had a Bible for only a year before the leather binding began separating. And my Greek New Testament, which I have used regularly for twenty years, has been been glued together several times. So it is true that if you use/read your Bible it will eventually begin to show wear. And at some point you will either buy a new one or decide to tape it back together and hold on to it like an old, dear friend.

But now one enterprising company has a solution for our "falling apart Bibles." Forever publishing has announced an indestructible Bible. Here is what they have to say:
“Using Space Age nanotechnology, we are able to print the Bible on an advanced paper that doesn't use any trees, is 24X stronger than regular paper, and is completely waterproof, dirt-proof, tear-proof, and otherwise life-proof,” the company boasts. “The Forever Bible even floats in water, while keeping your notes and highlighted passages pristine.”

I'm not sure that the world really needs such a Bible and must admit that this really does antagonize the recovering cynic in me. However, watch the below video clip and let me know what you think. Perhaps I am off base and you will be ordering one of these for Christmas.

You will be forgiven if you have flashbacks of old Ronco commercials as you watch the below video. If you can't watch it all the way to end then I highly recommend that you go to minute 3:57 in the video where a gentleman compares the forever Bible to Jesus.

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  1. I’m sad to see the Blaze basically advertising this product. You would think they would do more research before tacitly endorsing this product by running a story on it. All one has to do is look in the comments section to see the problems.

    The Kickstarter is breaking rules, this isn’t a new product like the campaign is advertising, there is a staff person trying to drown out questions about the campaign by spamming Bible passages, and the creator was involved in a previous Kickstarter scam. There are a lot of questions about this dubious project that the people running the campaign are refusing to answer. Instead they are spamming the comments section to try to drive the questions to the bottom in the hopes that new people won’t scroll far enough to read them. There have been enough questions that people are pulling their pledges, including a $10,000 pledge.

    Happily, it seems you can already purchase a waterproof Bible from a reputable company, in manny more translations than this Kickstarter is offering: http://www.bardinmarsee.com With over 100,000 already printed by this company, I would feel much better ordering from them than dealing with the good possibility that my money would be stolen in the KS campaign.