Tuesday, October 26, 2010

When Did Jesus Die? April 7th?

People are forever trying to fix exact dates to when something happened in the Bible. A few weeks ago I had a link to a story claiming Jesus was born on September 25th.

Helen Bond from the University of Edinburgh has a brief discussion over on the Centre for the Study of Christian Origins. She challenges what seems to be a growing consensus that Jesus died on April 7th, 30 CE. Helen lays out some good reasons why finding an exact date is difficult if not impossible. As Helen says: "Sometimes it may be best to acknowledge that we know less about Jesus of Nazareth than we often care to admit.


  1. I understand that one responsibility of a scholar is to find out as much information as possible about a subject but I also believe in this case when these discussions about when Jesus was born hit the mainstream it can distract from the importance of the message. Why spend time working on when Jesus was born instead of spending time trying to discover more about his life and the words that were written about him?

    Jim Hall

  2. My birthday is April 7... now its also Jesus' death day... great!

  3. I think that that date of his death is important. Here is a link that I would recommend. http://5loaves2fishes.net/node/31