Thursday, October 21, 2010

Who says biblical scholars don't know how to have fun?

I was recently alerted to the below video by a newsletter sent by Tyndale House. Lori and I met Diane Hakala in Cambridge during my 2008 sabbatical. Diane is a PhD Candidate studying the history of the use of the ten commandments with Professor William Horbury. We had many an enjoy able dinner and bottle of wine with Diane.

But before Diane went to Cambridge she was a world champion stunt pilot and the USA National Aerobatics Champion in 1997. If you haven't booked a flight for SBL yet, Diane can get you to Atlanta faster and with more entertainment.


  1. Wow!!! And she didn't even puke!

  2. Whoa. Far more "fun" than I care to have, thanks.

    But that is not to say we are all staid, stuffy, stilted or stiff-necked.

    I just know that if this were me, Mike-- I would puke.

  3. Yep, that's my friend Diane!
    The even more extreme sports, that is biblical studies, won her over... :)