Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hidden Bible/Chinese Bible

No, this is not the title of the next Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon sequel. It is two items in this weeks news. The first is about a Bible that was apparently hidden in the wall of a Texas Courthouse around the time of the Civil War. The Bible just happens to be a 1615 KJV. Here is the article.

A walled-up closet in a building where a new museum is planned in San Antonio has yielded historic items including Civil War photos and a 1615 King James Bible.About 200 items were discovered in late October during renovation of the former Hertzberg Circus Museum. The $30 million Dolph and Janey Briscoe Western Art Museum is expected to open in late 2011.The building also formerly was the city's 1930 Carnegie Library.San Antonio Public Library spokeswoman Beth Graham says the Bible appears to have been printed in London. Graham calls it an unexpected "time capsule."

You can read the more about the discovery here.

The next story is how China has now printed its 80 millionth Bible. Apparently one in four Bibles is printed in China. Here is an excerpt from that article.

One in four Bibles in the world are printed in China, and Monday, the only authorized Bible-printing company in the country printed its 80 millionth holy book, amid government officials' and overseas church leaders' blessings. The number means China has become one of the biggest Bible publishers in the world, said Qiu Zhonghui, chairman of the board of Amity Printing Co. Ltd. Based in the eastern Chinese city of Nanjing, Amity Printing is a joint venture between China's Amity Foundation and the United Bible Societies. The company has only published the Bible since its founding in 1988 and it now produces 1 million copies per month. "The production of 80 million Bible copies can be attributed to the work of China's Christians, and, more importantly, the country's reform and opening-up policy," Qiu said in a celebration ceremony in Nanjing.

Apparently the Chinese are taking a page from the American approach to Christianity. It's better to profit from it than control it. Read more here.


  1. if there's a Chinese in the place, there's profit to be made. The Chinese were the original capitalists. A proverb in China, "People worship their food." If you have no money, you have no food to worship.

    Sam Tsang
    Hong Kong Baptist Theological Seminary

  2. This comment is not intended to be in any way racist, but rather nationalist in nature. We should be very weary of where we purchase things; in this case Bibles. For instance, do you (the reader) know that America is legitimately and illegitimately funding the war in Afghanistan on two fronts? First, we are funding the actual military, humanitarian, and rebuilding operations. That is, for the most part, legitimate. However, Afghanistan is also the world's largest producer of opium (for both legal and illegal uses), providing over 90% of the worlds opium. America is the largest consumer of opium products, both legal and illegal. Therefore, America is actually funding (more than any other source) the Taliban (who profits the most from the opium production). If Americans would wake up and stop using drugs, the Taliban would cease to be able to fund operations.
    Where is this going? The largest of America's competitors is China. The U.S. is slowly and surely (in some estimates, quickly) waning in world power. One of the main reasons is that we produce very little. China is the main exporter to America. Therefore, Americans are purchasing their way out of world dominance, from China. We owe more to china than any other country. In fact, China owns a significant portion of American capital. Just recently, Gov. Schwartzenegar campaigned in China for private funding for a new rail system in California. The implications are immense. All Americans should be very careful to purchase items from countries other than China. America will not exist as we know it (for the worse) sooner rather than later. And it will be due to our own greed and desire to purchase the cheapest things possible.
    How does this relate biblically? Well, even in the face of the significant downfalls of the United States, this country still provides the most freedoms of any nation throughout history. Outside of the Holy Roman Empire, America has provided the most significant amount of resources toward the progress of reaching the nations. If we purchase ourselves out of being a major player in the world enterprise, we will ultimately lose our ability to affect the world for the Kingdom.

  3. how good to see the spread of the word of God