Monday, November 29, 2010

Store detectives dress as baby Jesus to catch thieves

I ran across this in the in the UK Telegraph.

Store detectives at Christmas markets in Austria are being disguised as the baby Jesus to catch shoplifters and pickpockets.

In the German-speaking world, the Christ child is usually played by women and is the traditional bringer of Christmas gifts.

Church officials have criticised the idea of disguising staff as the Christ child to catch thieves.

But a spokesman for the city council in Weitra, Austria, said the detectives were "perfect for keeping an eye out for petty crooks".


  1. Well - if the baby Jesus himself cannot encourage people to take the ethical 'hi road' - then the least he can do is work to catch them in the act!!

  2. I'll have to ask my sister if she has seen any of them...she lives near Vienna. I like the picture you posted with this...very powerful! Thanks John.

    Michele Dickenson

  3. Hey John is that you by the police car with a Jesus wig?