Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New NIV Shoots to the Top.

The 2011 version of the NIV has been out for barely two months, but it is making big gains.

It is number 3 on Amazon ahead of other Bibles. But what makes this all the more interesting is that the print version has yet to be released. All sales at this point represent the digital rather than print version.

According to a USA Today report the digital version of the the new NIV is number one in the Apple store under the category of Religious/Spiritual and number 13 across all categories for Christmas week. In fact, Bible apps have recorded 1 million downloads over the last five months.

E-books are certainly the wave of the future and Zondervan, publisher of the NIV, has been quick to capitalize on this new market. E-book Bibles now represent 25% of their e-book sales.

The world is changing. It is now even easier for a person to carry a copy of the Bible with them wherever they go. They can have it on a laptop, an iPad, or a cellphone. The question is, will they read it?


  1. I dunno....
    I use Libronix for study, but there's something comforting about no-tech paper and ink that you don't need to worry about batteries and can get dirty and crumpled. Besides, it's hard cleaning hiliter off of a monitor ;oD

  2. I downloaded it to my kindle -- though I normally use the NRSV. Reading Ephesians 1 today, I was struck again by the very strongly Reformed/evangelical edge to this translation. Though I'm glad they fixed 1 Cor. 7:1.

  3. They will read it as much as they read their paper copies. I doubt having more access will increase the likelihood that the Bible gets read.