Saturday, January 22, 2011

Around the Blogosphere this week

Here are a few things I ran across, but did not post on this week.

The Bart Ehrman Project is a new website dedicated to answering many of the claims made by Bart Ehrman. There are a number of videos in which NT scholars respond to some of the claims made by Ehrman. While I disagree with Ehrman on many issues, I am not sure he warrants a web site to save others from him.

A new Fragment of Ben Sira has been discovered. HT: Jim West

Hershel Shanks is offering a free book on the James Brother of Jesus Ossuary that will be released as soon as the verdict is declared in the forgery trial.

Tel-Aviv has named a new neighborhood after a New Testament woman, Tabitha. Acts 9:36-42 relates how Peter raised this woman from the dead when we was in Jaffa, now part of modern Tel-Aviv.

J. Lee Grady has a short essay about Jesus' tattoo over at Charisma.

Matthew Montonini has an interview with Frank Thielman about his commentary on Ephesians.

Mark Goodacre has posted links to the Radio 4 program on BBC looking at the 400th anniversary of the King James Version.

Also, I am giving away two books on Monday. Go here to enter to win.

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