Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Book Giveaway (x2)

Since I posted a bit last week on the historical Jesus I thought this would be a good time to giveaway another book. I have a very slightly used (a name was written in the cover) copy of Gerd Theissen's The Shadow of the Galilean.

This is a fictional account of a first century Jew named Andreas who is forced to work as a spy for Pilate. Andreas is seeking to bring information about Jesus back to Pilate. Along the way he meets the Essenes, Freedom fighters, and some people familiar to you from the Gospels, Josephus and other historical works.

The narrative is packed with history as Theissen unpacks for his readers what he thinks we can know about Jesus and the world in which he lived.

I have required my students to read this book as part of my Gospels class and the response has, for the most part, been positive.

So, leave your name below and I will draw a winner on Monday.

Yes, I will ship it Down Under and to other less strange parts of the world. And no, Jonathan, there are no lewd cartoons inside.

Also, the winner of last week's giveaway has not claimed the prize. Therefore, whoever enters this giveaway will also be entered to win Mark Goodacre's The Synoptic Problem, A way through the Maze.


  1. Sure, I'll enter -- Bill Seymour

  2. I'm in! (provided Sweden counts as a 'less strange part of the world,' which I imagine could be debated).

  3. Hi John.

    Having almost bought a copy to read in the past, I would gladly take this off your hands :)

    Eddie Fearon.

  4. Hi - I'd love to enter thanks :)

    David Bunce

  5. please sign me up!
    thang Q
    mike helbert

  6. V.Locher

    PS I've been enjoying the recent posting theme.

  7. I'm in Thanks
    Gene King

  8. I'll enter if it's not too late

  9. Matt Dowling
    lowly seminary student and groveler...

  10. Sounds great! Adam Parker. Looks very interesting.

  11. Whoa...another chance to win Mark Goodacre's book! After reading chapter 1 of his book I want to know what else he has to say about Q and everything else. The Shadow of the Galilean sounds like a good read as well.

    Count me in!
    Beth Hoffman

  12. Chris Price. Looking forward to taking Thessalonians next quarter.