Thursday, January 13, 2011

Josephus and Jesus: how much can we trust Josephus?

This must be historical Jesus week because I have had a few posts related to the topic. On Monday I linked to James McGrath's post on What did Paul know about Jesus. On Wednesday I linked to Mark Goodacre's NT Pod on Did Jesus exist?

Today I want to highlight two video interviews with John Barclay about the Jewish historian Josephus. Professor Barclay is the Lightfoot Professor of Divinity at the University of Durham, which is also my alma mater.

In the first video Barclay gives an overview of Josephus and his place in history. In the second video he discusses the problematic passages in Josephus that mention Jesus, James the brother of Jesus in Book 20 of Antiquities. They are each less than 10 minutes, but they provide a balanced treatment of the topic. HT: James McGrath and Ari.

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