Friday, February 18, 2011

Brimstone from Sodom, Is the Bible "ok," and living life according to Leviticus: Friday Round UP.

Its been a busy week for me but I still managed to get some posts in. Here is a wrap up of some things I posted and items I saw, but did not comment on .

The week started with the sad news that Alan Segal had passed away this past weekend.

Yesterday I had some good interaction over my post on Quirinius' Census in Luke 2.

Jim West announced that he was selling Brimstone from Sodom and Gomorrah.

James McGrath posits his own solution for the ending to Mark in an essay at Bible and Interpretation. Also, Joe Lunceford suggests a way forward in the 1 Corinthians statement about women keeping silent in the church.

A BBC article notes that in spite of the numerous updates the Bible has undergone, the term "ok" is still not in the Bible.

On a similar, but more polemical note, Ghana Web asks if the New Testament needs updating so as to eliminate all that silly non-scientific language along with the "outright falsehoods."

Over on the Huffington Post Cathleen Falsani wonders if anyone could or would want to live life according the regulations in Leviticus.

And today Allan Bevere asks if religion loses its grip where life is good.

Happy Friday! I will add more links as the day goes on.

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  1. Joe Lunceford's suggestion...
    Dr. William Myers has been teaching this view of 1 Cor. 14:34-35 for some time. It does make sense and deals effectively with the apparent contradictions in the letter.