Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Wrap up

Once again I have decided to dedicate this Friday's post to a roundup of things that I ran across this week, but did not have time to comment on. I hope you find something interesting and/or useful.

In case you missed it, the local newspaper in Ashland, the Times Gazette, did a nice piece on the Bible Museum that we have here at Ashland Seminary in honor of the 400th anniversary.

At Reviews of Biblical and Early Christianity, Samuli Siikavirta provides a nice overview of a paper Morna Hooker recently delivered at the Cambridge New Testament Seminar. The title of Hooker's paper is "Paul's Understanding of Holiness." Reading the summary makes me miss the British tradition of joining together to hear from others.

The Guardian has an interesting article on How Biblical Literalism took Root.

In an Op-Ed piece on CNN, Timothy Beal, author of The Rise and Fall of the Bible, asserts that There's no such thing as the Bible and never has been.

Dirk Jongkind and David Instone-Brewer of Tyndale House in Cambridge, England respond to the recent BBC special The Beauty of Books: Ancient Bibles and some of the claims made about the accuracy of the New Testament in the special.

In an interview about his new book Slave: The Hidden Word that Reveals the Riches of your Salvation, John Macarthur realizes, that after 50 years of studying the Bible, the Greek word doulos does not mean servant, but slave and therefore we should read Paul's self-identification as a Slave of Christ not a Servant of Christ. Of course, had he read either of my books (Slavery Metaphors or Recent Research) he would have learned that earlier. :)

Working off a post by Daniel Decker 10 Awful Truths About Book Publishing . . . And 7 Ways to Overcome them, Scot McKnight has some thoughts of his own On Getting Published. Having published three monographs, and working on a fourth, I can attest to how hard it is to get published these days.

Michael Halcomb provides a nice assortment on resources on the Pharisees, Sadducees and Essenes.

Matt Montonini at New Testament Perspectives found some free online Hebrew Resources.

Nijay Gupta provides a review of Tom Schreiner's statements on Gender and the Clarity of Scripture. I think Nijay hits the nail on the head with his criticism of Tom's hermeneutics.

The Liddell Scott Jones Greek- English- Lexicon is now online! Yippee! Now you can spend that money on something else. May I recommended one of the fine books on offer to your right?


  1. Excellent article on Biblical literacy. The problem is convincing folks about this. I belong to a church that is all about sola scriptura...period. If I were to actually tell them what I think they would probably lay hands on me and either pray that I be delivered or heave me out the front door.

  2. Thanks for passing along the news about the LSJ; I hadn't heard yet. Now I can use my full-size copy of LSJ for something else.... like an anchor for my rowboat. The nice thing is that now the TLG entries will be linked to the LSJ entries. Great resource and undoubtedly will work out much better than the Perseus project's attempt.