Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Passing of Anson Rainey (Jan 11, 1930 - Feb 19, 2011)

Jim West reports that Anson Rainey has passed away.

Rainey is Emeritus Professor of Ancient Near Eastern Cultures and Semitic Linguistics, Tel Aviv University, Full Professor since 1981. He was also adjunct professor of Historical Geography, Bar Ilan University and Ben Gurion University of the Negev.

Rainey was well-known for his expertise in Semitic languages and historical geography. His probably best remembered for his work with the Tel- Aramana tablets.

I was privileged to meet professor Rainey in 1997 while studying in Israel. Over the years I had the many opportunities to hear him lecture including at Tel-Gezer in 2009. I last saw and spoke with him at the annual meeting of SBL in Atlanta. May he rest in peace.

You can read an extensive list of his accomplishments here at his Tel-Aviv University faculty page. You can also read about the Armana tablets and Rainey’s work here.

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  1. Two of Anson's contributions that you will not find at the TAU site, are his Introduction to Abba Bendavid's PARALLELS IN THE BIBLE, a work he greatly admired (08.08.2010)and his last great work TEACHING HISTORY AND HISTORICAL GEOGRAPHY OF BIBLE LANDS - A Syllabus* Published in a limited pront-on-demand version in November 2010.
    *A popularly priced version will be published in 2011