Sunday, February 13, 2011

Things of interest in the blogosphere on a Sunday

From time to time I run across items that are of interest, but not something I necessarily want to blog about. So here a few interesting items.

The Catalyst, a publication for Untied Methodists, has a couple of interesting articles. Michael J. Gorman has an interesting article on the Missional Paul in which he tracks what has been written about Paul and gives some helpful overview of the state of where scholarship is moving. Few people, Gorman points out, think of Paul as the "go to person" for social justice issues. That may be changing.

In the same issue of the Catalyst, Nijay Gupta provides a helpful reading list for those interested in scripture and ethics.

The CNN Religion Blog has some thoughts on a Time Magazine article which reports that Baby-boomers are the fasting growing demographic in seminaries and divinity schools. I found it interesting the a generation that helped to do so much to challenge religion is now signing up to be leaders in it.

The Better Bibles Blog has a link to a free downloadable version of the NIV for your iPhone and iPad. As part of the 400th celebration anniversary of the KJV, you download the NIV. But only for a short time. The window opens on Saturday, February 18th and lasts for 400 hours.

Lastly, Allan Bevere has posted an article by Henry Neufeld titled, My Dad was a Fundamentalist. He provides some good thoughts on the way we throw labels around.

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