Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Experts' Evidence for Easter

Tyndale House has produced three short videos for the Easter season. This series is billed as showing how evidence from some of the earliest biblical manuscripts confirms the events of Easter. The series is part of Tyndale House’s Resources for the Church and thus is not geared towards a scholarly audience.

I found the first film with Dirk Jongkind to be the strongest of the three presentations. The second film with Peter Williams and David Instonebrewer is the most interesting as they look at erased sections of the Talmud, although I am not sure about some of the conclusions the draw. The last film with Peter Williams is the shortest and has the least amount of content. I wish they had done more with the evidence for Jesus’ resurrection rather than just quote a few Bible verses.

In any case, here they are. Enjoy!

Experts' Evidence for Jesus' Trial

Dr Dirk Jongkind, a Research Fellow at Tyndale House, pieces together the earliest manuscript evidence for the New Testament and shows how it tells the story of Jesus' trial before Pilate.

Experts' Evidence for Jesus' Crucifixion

Dr Peter Williams and Dr David Instone Brewer look at the Munich Talmud, which contains traditional Jewish teaching, and discover how even the deleted text provides evidence for Jesus' crucifixion! They also provide a link to the Talmud page that they discuss in the video. See it here.

Experts' Evidence for Jesus' Resurrection

Dr Peter Williams gives a summary of the biblical evidence for the heart of the Christian faith - Jesus' bodily resurrection.

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