Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Lead Codices: BBC Interview with David Elkington

Joel Watts posted this BBC interview with David Elkington who is the person promoting the discovery of the so-called Lead Codices. I am not sure when this interview was taped, but it was within the last week.

A few points made by Elkington that you may find to be sensational and/or uninformed.

  1. These tablets contain information about Jesus between the crucifixion and the letters of Saint Paul. Do I hear Dan Brown here?

  2. They are the most important archaeological discovery since the Dead Sea Scrolls. Perhaps, no one knows yet because they have not been studied nor determined if they are real or fake.

  3. They were possibly written by descendants of the holy family. They don't mention what evidence allows them to draw this conclusion.

  4. Elkington points to the Menorah icon on the front and says "which in this period was utterly forbidden from being represented primarily because it resided in the most holy place of all, deep inside the holy of holies inside the temple." The problem with this claim, however, is that we do have what appears to be representations of the menorah in some of the Jewish homes adjacent to the temple mount. It is part of a fresco in what appears to have been someones parlor or dining room.

  5. The most bizarre claim is that the Lead piece they have on display in the interview is a sort-of Christian ID card that gets them into places of worship. Huh??

Here is the interview. Enjoy!


  1. It sounds like they are "priming the pump" for the release of the book (next year?) and fishing for a contract for possible National Geographic specials. Seed planting. Feed the masses with all types of possibilities, substantiated or not, and the media becomes lured in. Like Rob Bell and his recent controversial promo for "Love Wins."

  2. On Coast to Coast AM he said religion-changing information will be released in the next couple of weeks. We'll see!

  3. It seems like the codices are bogus. Too bad.

  4. I should have included a link with my post, sorry.


  5. Sensationalism run amuck!! No one has fact checked or run a background check on Elkington or his American wife. Shame on you BBC, and any other "News" outlet that pursues this without some minor attempt at verification of the facts or individuals involved.

  6. One of the sappiest interviews I've ever witnessed. How can you keep this on the air when the codices have been proven fakes and this couple con artists. Shame on you for such poor journalism and for such amazing sensationalism.

  7. Estranho, como uma simples matéria é capaz de motivar comentários de pessoas de outras religiões, julgando coisas do Cristianismo. Os "códices" ainda nem foram decifrados... ainda se encontram em análise e já querem que se prove isto e aquilo. Tem judeu, muito apressado nas paradas.