Monday, April 4, 2011

Philip Davies Comments on Lead Tablets: Says they are probably NOT fake or a hoax.

Philip Davies has posted a statement about the Lead Jesus Tablets on the Sheffield Biblical Studies blog. Davies is Professor Emeritus from Sheffield is one of the few people to actually see some of the tablets. Although still cautious, as is appropriate, he also is not yet ready to declare the tablets a hoax or forgery. Here is what he has to say.

I have now looked at about a hundred images, some of which I have shared with colleagues around the world, and I am certainly hoping to make sense of them. I have handled one. They are probably not a hoax or a forgery, but their exact origin remains mysterious. As well as decorative lettering, there is also some writing that looks as if it ought to mean something. So far it can’t be deciphered, but it may be in code.

You can/should read the rest of his statement over at the Sheffield Biblical Studies blog.

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